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Chiropractic Services Thomasville, NC

Following the healing philosophy of chiropractic founder Daniel David Palmer, Health One Chiropractic adheres to the philosophy that manipulation of the spine by skilled hands can lessen or eliminate many of the body’s problems arising from the nervous system. Although Chiropractic has been around since the time of Ancient Egypt, it wasn’t until 1895 that Palmer founded the field of medicine that an organized approach to healing ensued. Focusing on neuromusculoskeletal and general health issues, our techniques do not involve drug prescriptions.If you have any questions for our chiropractors or would like a free consultation, please contact us today.

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Complete Care

Health One Chiropractic is a leading team of chiropractors located in Thomasville. Our work involves adjusting your posture and alignment to eliminate subluxations. Subluxations are misalignments of the spinal area that can result in many different ailments including pain, muscle tension, emotional distress, and asthma. Our methods will alleviate these symptoms and lead to an overall increase in your health and well-being. To make an appointment, give our friendly team of chiropractors a call in Thomasville, NC today.

First Consultation

Serving Lexington, Archdale, High Point, and Thomasville, our chiropractors will talk with you to develop a clear history of your previous health complaints. We will then undertake a thorough examination of your spine and nervous system. The results of this examination will determine how we proceed. We then develop manageable treatment plans to restore the natural alignment and movement of your spine. 

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Detailed Report of Findings

At our chiropractic clinic, we offer free consultations both in-person and over the phone. We ensure that you get clear and concise information about your spine and the treatment programs we initiate. Our chiropractors provide you with a detailed analysis we call, 'a report of findings' using plain language to describe the root cause of your problem and the treatments we use to correct it. Please feel free to call us in Thomasville if you have any questions. 

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